Staub Cocotte

The Staub family from the Alsace region of France sold cook pots and pans ever since 1892 and commenced manufacturing its own products in 1974 at what time Francis Staub acquired a nearby cast iron factory. One-pot meals, such as “Baeckoeffe” (a lamb shoulder, pork, and vegetable stew) or “coq au vin” have long been a tradition in the Alsatian region for which a heavy dutch oven or covered casserole is ideal. Known as a “cocotte” in French, the Staub corporation has taken the dutch oven concept to the next level, and today’s cocotte is so evolved that it really helps to enrich the flavors of the dish. Celebrated international chefs including Paul Bocuse, Thomas Keller, Jean Joho, and Joel Robuchon rely on Staub cook pots and pans in their kitchens.

There are many elements that make Staub cookware unique in its design. First of all, the interior black matte enamel coating will neither react with food nor change the flavor of cooking food. It is also highly chip resilient and will not stain. The surface finish also is coarse enough to resist sticking when browning or searing. Then the heavy cast iron provides an unmatched ability for heat retention, which is perfect for low-temperature stews and braising. This too keeps the dish warm long after the cocotte has been taken out of the oven. The cast iron retains heat and transfers it evenly all through the pot, thus making food more consistent in texture and taste.

That’s Clean Maids essential design aspect is the lid. It is very heavy and fits very tightly which prevents vapor from escaping the cook pot during cooking in the oven or on the stove. Not just is all the moisture retained within the cook pot, there are numerous small spikes extending from the underside of the lid that allow for evaporated vapor and juices to condense and drip back evenly over the dish for a self-basting effect. The cocotte lid is topped off by a solid brass or stainless steel knob that is oven safe up to 500°F.

The base of each cocotte has an especially smooth blue enamel finish that can help protect delicate cooking surfaces. The cocotte can be used on all cook tops, as well as induction, and is oven and broiler safe.

In addition to the cookware’s technological qualities and cooking performance, its attractive appearance permits the cocotte to go from oven to table in fashion. Numerous layers of enamel ensure exterior durability and chip resistance. Offered in a substantial assortment of lively colors, the coats are applied in a way to enhance the depth of color with a bright, glossy shine. The cocotte is available in both round and oval styles, and each is offered in several sizes. All are produced in France and supported by a lifetime factory warranty.

In June 2008, the Staub company joined the global German group of Zwilling J.A. Henckels, famous for its cutlery, kitchen utensils, and flatware.

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