What is an oyster fountain you might ask? Or rather, what does it do?

Similar to what you can find at certain gourmet markets, an oyster fountain’s main purpose is to keep oysters fresher for a longer period of time. This process also allows the customers to savour the oyster at a cool temperature, making the seafood experience even more flavourful.

What is so special about Pesca’s oyster fountain is that it has been custom built in order for someone like you or me, to have a better view of the products, hence, making your oyster selection process easy. From the great classics, such as the Gillardeau or the Marenne d’Oléron oyster to the uncommon Tsarskaya oyster, Pesca will be serving 6 to 8 different varieties.

Besides displaying oysters, the top section of the fountain will feature a lobster tank! Located right next to the iced seafood table for customers to see. This particular layout at Pesca has been specifically designed for the soul purpose of allowing you to have direct access to our marine products and personalise your own seafood platters with the freshest products on the market.

One of the main aims of Pesca, is to give our customers the freedom to chose what they want to see served on their plates as well as ensuring the authentic feel of a market-to-table concept.


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